Tuesday, 2 April 2013


We had PCI on 27th, all went ok and I am so much relieved. We didn't have much issues inside only paint touch ups, garage slab chips and few more but having few outside issues

1) Bricks Chipping PGH coming next week do Nawkaw

2) Downpipe , SS confirmed this will be fixed.

3) Mortor issues will be fixed

4) Brick capping, SS advised me to escalate with the management. I escalated to the Management and it sorted out in 15 min and got call from SS, brick capping will be installed next week.

So, all my problems resolved and very happy. Hopefully we are settling on 12th of April. We are doing our own flooring after handover , SS was so nice to delay the electric appliances delivery for 1 week unless the flooring done. Thank you Edenbrae.

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