Thursday, 11 April 2013

Final PCI

We just came back after the inspection , we have signed off the PCI items list and settling on Monday, still few small jobs need to be completed , its me and between SS and these issues going to fix tomorrow so I hope these will be fixed before Monday. I didn't want delay as have already lined up tiler,tiles,wardobes on Monday. I trust SS so he fix small issues.

Fixed Issues:

1) Down pipes fixed

2) Nawkaw fixed brick chips but they forgot to fix the balcony area, coming tomorrow to fix this

3) Brick Capping

4) All paint touch ups

5) Fixed mortar inconsistencies

6) Balcony handrail replaced

Pending Issues:

1) Clean the mortar work

2) Fix the Garage slab chips

3) Stairs paint , one tread has lot of scratches

4) Alfresco stacker door still has small dent

Overall I am excited lot of issues are fixed and few small issues are still there.


  1. House and bricks looks awesome. how you fixed the bricks issue.
    i will going you use same sorbetto bricks. worried about chipping/burnout.
    Any idea if anything goes wrong!

  2. Thanks for the compliment , we had same concern you like chipping/burnout. But we clearly mentioned to our SS before the brickwork start, showed our concern to him we are not going to accept bad brick work chipping/burn out. We didn't have any burn out but had chipping . At the end PGH sent NAWKAW to fix all the cips and we are very happy with our brick work. You need to be on top of your SS and if you see lot of chips you need to push EBH to bring NAWKAW to fix these chips. I hope it helps. Let me know if I can help you further.

  3. hi thanks for your useful information... mine builder just start laying bricks.
    50% of bricks done, so far wont find any brown ends.
    spocken to brickie yesterday already SS advised sortout chipped/brown ends bricks. so far happy with bricks
    but if i see very closer to the bricks, looks small chip out/dent in the bricks. i dont think its an issue.
    may i know what type of mortar you was used? mine off white, but its looks not very bright..

    click the above links and you can see my blog.

    1. sorry for belated reply as I was away on holidays. I just checked your blog and great news bricking is done now the scary part is acid wash. All the chips and brown ends would be visible after the acid wash. Brick cleaners use very high pressure that may cause small chips as well. My mortor was off white and it is very bright. Just wait for the acid wash and then you will have clear picture. If you get lot of brick chips you need to get your builder to fix these chips through NAWKAW.

  4. Hi mate,

    Thanks for your reply, I was met SS onsite yesterday and discuss about chipping. He advised me once cleanup the bricks and see how it's worst, if need call PGH and have a look. Tomorrow or Friday bricks will be clean. I will let you know once it's cleaned. Thanks