Wednesday, 20 March 2013


We had Tyrells and Howard inspection this week, somehow my SS didnt want to forward the Tyrell's report to me even I requested couple of times but he told I will get at the settlement which is bit strange. Howard Inspection report had lot of small issues which need to be fixed, the main issue we are having is capping the exposed brick face.

One side of my facade have no roof on it and top of the brick headers are exposed to the weather. After heavy rains, it appears to be a soaking of moisture sucking down from the top of the header course of the front brick wall. If the tops of exposed bricks are not sealed or flashed appropriately, moisture builds up and soaks downwards making the brick face extremely wet. This will then cause Efflorecense attack and when dry the brick face will appear white looking in areas. 

According to EB, it is not an issue but Howard Independent Inspector reckons it is defect and EB have to fix and he has already mentioned in his report. I had chat with my SS but he still not convinced but he said leave it with me. Interestingly another home have same facade as mine and his facade top brick headers are covered with the metal but my SS say he doesn't care house other house is built. 

We had PCI inspection tomorrow but SS cancel it he has to fix all the issues before we go, so now we expect PCI next week sometime, it has been month not really anything happening except the driveway and inspections.

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