Monday, 15 April 2013


Finally, we settled today yahooooooooooo after mamoth effort of 1.2 years. All of the issues were sorted even painter was in my place till last minute. Tiles have been delivered and tiler is coming tomorrow, wardobe guys coming next Monday to install the pantry/wir/LP/builtin fitouts. We are moving on Saturday, thank you Edenbrae.


  1. With regard to the issues you had, would it have been possible to not accept handover and not pay until they were fixed? It seems you were railroaded into taking the house before it was ready?

  2. yes, you don't accept the handover until you completely satisfied. Last minute I told my SS I am not going to settle until problems fixed so he fixed all the issues in 2-3 days.

  3. Congrats on your new home! It looks stunning :).

    It looked like you decided to do some work after handover. We are building our home with EBH and are also thinking of doing some parts after handover to save some $$.

    How did you go with these after-handover-works? Did you find it worth the try? Or did you find it better be done by EBH?

    If you don't mind, may I ask how much it costed you to do:

    - shelving for all your pantry/robes/linens?
    - tiling in alfresco?
    - landscaping (plans, retaining wall, pathway, plants, etc.)?
    - external painting (moroka or render) if you did any?

    Just wanted to get an idea of the costs after handover to plan our budget better :)...

  4. Hi Hoang,

    We have had few projects post handover. I am so happy except the ground floor tiling, tiler could have done better but can't get 100% satisfaction while building, here is the approx cost

    1) Shelving $4000 (3 bedroom builtins, two WIR , 2 Linens and 1 pantry) we got big WIR and pantry so it includes all melamine shelving , drawers etc

    2) Ground Floor tiling plus Alfresco ( $6600 we paid $37 inc material and labour Polished porcelain tiles)

    3) Shutters/Roller blinds ( $7700 As double story 4 sliding doors and lot of windows we got shutters everywhere except roller blinds for sliding doors and PVC in the bathroom)

    4) Landscaping ( 22K it includes excavation , retaining walls, letter box , clothes liner , plants, grass, automatic irrigation, automatic night lightning, concrete of one side of house, stepping stone on the other side, plantar boxes, stairs from alfresco to ground, garden shed, clean+paint+seal the driveway after the job, side fence gates)

    5) First Floor lightning

    We didn't have any render or moroka in front

  5. Hi sohnaeo,

    Sorry for the late response. I was lost in the forest of forums and blogs that I could not find where I posted my question. Luckily, my wife happened to read through your blog and found my name in the comments section, lol...

    Thanks for the info on pricing. It indeed helped a lot.

    1. We already decided to do shelving ourselves after handover and have asked EB to remove the standard wire shelving. We were also anticipating ~$3-4k for this work. May I ask who did the shelving for you? Would you mind sharing some pics of your beautiful pantry/builtins/WIR :) ?

    2. The cost for your tiling is really a bargain. Wow, $6.6k for whole ground flooring with 600x600 polished porcelain tiles + alfresco!! We were also tempted by the idea of tiling after handover, then we found lots of posts telling scary stories about the complication of doing it. But we are now tempted again after you told us about the cost :). Please, please, enlighten us about the followings:

    - What do I need to tell EB to prepare for my tiling post-handover? Someone on H1 forum said that we need to tell the builder to have the skirting boards "tacked on" so that we can remove them when tiling, but how are we going to put it back? Also, do we need to ask the builder to do any floor screeching, or the tiler will do it?

    - Where did you order the tiles from? Do they offer tiling installation service as well?

    - If you need to find a tiler yourself, can you please tell me his contact? Do I need to provide any materials for him?

    - How long did it take you to tile?

    3. We loved your shutters and blinds. I think $7.7k was very reasonable for the number of shutters you put throughout your house. May I ask who did them for you?

    4. We didn't know the cost for landscaping was that much, only anticipated to be around ~12k. But I guess you had to spend more for your excavation, retaining walls, etc. Our block is not too sloppy so less excavation and retaining wall I suppose. We will not doing the automated systems also. How did you feel about Outback? Many mentioned on H1 that Outback was a little costly though. Still looking around for a good landscaper with reasonable quote.

    5. Did you do any downlights? Did you ask EB to provide all wiring and batten holders, or did have your own sparky to do them all after handover? May I ask how much did it cost you? And who did it for you?

    Sorry for asking too many questions :).

  6. Sorry for belated reply, if you can send me your email I can send you few pictures and answers all the questions.

    1. Here is my email:

      Thanks heaps for your help.