Sunday, 10 March 2013

Driveway Excavated

Great news security fence is finally down , love the house look. Driveway excavated on Thursday and ready to be poured on Tuesday. Outback is also doing the landscaping for us so they have excavated the whole house as soon as we settle they will be back to complete the landscaping.

We have extensively inspected the brick and mortor issues. We found  Few issues

1) Still mortor is missing in lot of places though I can see few touch ups but still lot need to be done esp in the first floor bricks.

2) There are many chips around the house but Alfresco bricks are terrible, way too many small chips more I look more I feel bad. I hope PGH and EB would address this.

3) We found Alfresco stacker door frame bit damaged which doesn't look nice that should be fixed

4) We noticed bricks above right porch pillar are wet though no rains from last 4 days and the rest of the bricks are dry. I even feel the bricks wet by touching, not sure is either leakage in hip roof or drain or something else not sure.


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