Thursday, 28 February 2013

Electrical/Plumbing Inspection

We had another inspection on Tuesday and happy to see lot of things have been done.

1) Plumbing completed, toilets and tape ware installed

2) Electrical done

3) Doors hardware installed

4) Balcony handrail/balustrade installed

Still carpet, driveway, kitchen splash back, brick mortor/chip and paint touch ups need to be done, we might have PCI at the end of next week if weather clears up to lay the driveway.

We engaged outback to do our landscaping along with the driveway so one less headache after moving.

here are the jobs that outback would do for us

1) RH side of the house - concrete 20 meter long and 1.5 meter wide inc drainage

2) Left side of the house - road base, pebbles and the 400x400 step stone inc drainage

3) In the backyard - Pine timber retaining wall 15m wide and 600mm high
- Pine stairs from Alfresco to the ground
- Brick Plantars on right and left side of the stairs Alfresco to grow herbs
- Provide all the plants
- Clothes line
- Turf

4) In the Frontyard - Herron block retaining walls on the RH and LH of the garage from fence gate
- Block stairs
- Letter box
- Extend the driveway to cover the front porch
- Gardden Edgeing
- Turf

Few Pictures

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