Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stairs Appointment

We love the Lincoln Display home stairs. We upgraded the standard stairs to stained treads & open riser (top/bottom flight) and glass balustrade option in lieu of standard .It costs us around 6500K. We asked ourselves so many times can we justify this upgrade but it looks so beautiful I think it is worth upgrading.


  1. Hey Farhan!
    How much did the glass balustrading cost? Would prefer this to anything else but need to weigh up the cost!

  2. Hi Kerith,

    Here are the PCV item costs, how much are you paying for open riser?

    Provide glass balustrade option to staircase in lieu of standard $3,337

    Provide stained treads & open riser (bottom flight only) option in lieu of standard - $1692

    Provide the top flight to stained tread & open riser - $1454

    Provide stain to second flight of stairs - $494

    Provide credit for deletion of Carpet to second flight of stairs - $375

  3. So far we only have this in our contract...
    * Provide stained treads & open risers to bottom flight only in lieu of standard - $ 3048

  4. $3048 is expensive for the bottom flight , isnt it ? Might be your starirs are different to ours, we'll have 5 steps.

  5. If you look at our plan, most of our steps are bottom flight. Not many up the top!!