Thursday, 2 August 2012

Electrical Appointment

We had our Electric appointment on 12th of June. As building double story we knew we had to get all our ground floor lightining done by the builder. We spent around 11k and few item were ridiculously expensive. We selected following items and their price item are

*double power point $67
*Single power point $59
*Down light installed and fitted $120
*Foxtel point $189 (it includes 2 foxtel point and 1 phone point so you can credit the standard phone and foxtel cost you around $91)
*B/A Stairs Step Light $153
*TV Point $98
*Stainless Steel FAN $278 (charging 150$ for the fan point then fan+installation cost more than $278)
*Flush Speak Round set of two $493 for Alfresco
*Ducted Vacuum $1832
*TV Antenna with booster $635
*Wall mount tv kit $140 (Nogging/bullnose/cables)
*Power point Quad $99 (for media room foxtel/PS3/TV/DVD etc)
*Outdoor Double Power point $122
*two way switch for my hall way down lights $73
*Junction Box light $70
*Facade lights $100 call out charge and $35 for the installation and I will provide the lights otherwise they were asking $235 for one light

I got heaps of free noggings for the fan support in the room and future Chandelle.Regarding the down lights, it is bit trap , they are charging $67 per down light point, then you have to spend around $50-$60 for down light and pay $5-$10 to electrician for the downlight fittings etc so it would cost you around $130-$140 if you do after hand over. We are building double story so had no choice I got them to install down lights ground floor and will do first floor after hand over.

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