Thursday, 2 August 2012


We really love to had Lincoln display polished poreclean tiles but Delorenzo quoted us 25K, would you believe that ridiculous. We we are thinking to get the ground floor tiling after handover, sent an email to EBH to check how much credit we will get back and then visit CTM on weekend to get an idea how much we spend after handover.I hope EBH would come back with decent number but you never know these builders. We really want to have Timber flooring for first floor but we are already over our budget so we stick with the standard carpet and will upgrade to timber down the track 2-3 years. We'll also do the porch/alfresco flooring post handover , would be cheaper.
EBH provides skirt hight tiles in the bathrooms so we upgraded this to the vanity hight. We selected standard range wall/floor/nieche tiles, we spent around 2.5K whole.

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