Friday, 11 January 2013

Insulation & Gyprock

I was not expecting much from EB after holidays but this week has been so productive so far, all credit goes to my SS. Insulation and gyprock done in 3 days and cornices supposed to be installed today, what a week after holidays.

I have advise for everyone, you must visit the site before the gyprock goes in. You should have list of all the gas/water/noggings/power points/tv/foxtel/speaker etc and you spend good time there to tick each and every plumbing/electrical points that is very important, if anything is missed would be hard to get later on esp for the double stories. In my case few things were missing, water conection/noggings/tv points.

Colorbond roof gives different shade at different times of the day but I was able to capture true dune color of the house.

Ceiling/Wall/Sound Screen:







Games Area First Floor:

Main Bedroom:

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