Thursday, 13 September 2012

Red Pegs !!!

Finally the wait is over and my site is pegged. All the final draiwngs and paper work were signed off yesterday. EBH shouldn't take too long to pour the slab now.
I would advise everyone to take your time to thoroughly go through the final documents as EBH will be building your new home based of these documents, I found tons of mistakes.



  1. That's exciting news.. now comes the fun. Something new should happen every week :D

  2. Out of interest, what sort of mistakes did you find?

  3. Here are the issues we found in the final plans which I sent to them and they fixed it

    1) Gound floor ceiling height is 2590mm in the Admin Final Variation List but the plans which are approved by council is showing 2628mm so I presume 2628mm would be the height of ground floor ceiling. They raised PCV to increase ceiling height from 2590mm to 2628mm

    2) increased the fridge space when we had meeting with Kitchen Culture but the plans still showing the old , below is the variation with the kitchen culture

    Increase fridge opening to1080 mm to RHS reducing the niche to suit

    3) On the plans , Powder room niche, measurement is 270H , there is no width mentioned. For Bathroom and Ensuite it is clearly mentioned like 750w x 270H

    4) On the plans, Capped off Cold Water point is not on the right hand side of the toilet suite for the WC and Ensuite. I tried to visualize the display home but our Garage is on the right side so logically our layout should be opposite to the display homes. In the Ensuite and Main Bathroom , Capped Off Cold Water point are on the left side instead of the right side. If you still believe it is on the right side then the powder room capped off colder water point is on left side. Definitely location of Capped Off Cold Water point is wrong either in Ensuite/WC or in powder room.

    5) Gas point is in wrong in Games Area, it should be on the other side of the wall. Please see the attached.

    6) In the Colour Selection Sheet-->External Materials & Fixtures Selection--> Fly screens -->Section Level 3--->should be Fiberglass Fly door to Bedroom 1 Balcony Sliding door instead of Bedroom 2 sliding door , there is no sliding door for the bedroom 2

    7) In the Colour Selection Sheet-->Tap ware -->, there should be section for WC because WC should have Toilet Roll Holder as advised by Cook Plumbing

    There were few others about the wrong colours.