Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Our Floor Plans

We paid around 5500$ to increase the size of the First Floor bedrooms as we feel the rooms are bit smaller.

We choose following

1) Edenbrae Big Sale Event:

$1 Aircon - stick with the standard Actron Air con SRA 160, 16.4KW
$1 Colourbond roof
$1 Gourmet Chef's kitchen
$2000 for extra 2 square space

2) High Ceiling only Ground Floor
3) upgrade to AD2431 sliding door to Alfresco from Family
4) Sliding door to Ensuite/WIR, hinged door to understairs area
5) upgraded front entry door
6) Upgraded to semi frameless shower screens
7) Provide shower option to powder room down stair
8) Tiled Niche to powder room
9) hot/cold water and drain in Alfresco for BBQ or basin
10) External Gas point for BBQ

Ground Floor Plan:

First Floor


We thought a lot about the facade and Eden Brae have only few facades on display.We choose Cromer  facade as it has balcony and big front porch thats what we want.


  1. Hi Sohnaeo how much did you pay for the extra space in the masters bedroom? Or is that part of the Cromer facade?

  2. Hi Layds,

    We didnt pay at all it is part of the Cromer facade that was one of the reason I choose Cromer extra space for the Master Bedroom. Display home master bedroom lost some space due to the facade. I also need balcony so thats we went for Cromer. Are you also building Lincoln?

    1. Yes we are planning on building Lincoln 35 as well. Can give us some tips with the building process especially with the money saving part?

  3. Layds, there are hundred things in the build. When I started the process I have zero knowledge so had so many issues. I would advise to read the blogs as much as you can to get ideas , don't leave all on the builder , check double everything before you sign anything. Do you plan to make any changes in the floor plan? Which facade are you going for? let me know if you need any help

  4. Yeah your blog is really helpful. We were planning on getting the Vaucluse façade but since we wanted more space in the BR we might go with Cromer as well. Would you happen to have floor plans for the other facades? Do you know of any other facades that gives you extra space in the BR besides Cromer?

  5. Sorry for belated reply, exactly what we wanted extra space in the BR so that's why we went with Cromer. Not sure other facades but there was another one similar Cromer but that one have brick pillar instead of timber posts for the balcony.

    One thing I want to make you aware if any part of facade or whole facade have no roof (like Display Lincoln Vaucluse) and top of the brick headers are exposed to the weather. After heavy rains, it appears to be a soaking of moisture sucking down from the top of the header course of the front brick wall. If the tops of exposed bricks are not sealed or flashed appropriately, moisture builds up and soaks downwards making the brick face extremely wet. This will then cause Efflorecense attack and when dry the brick face will appear white looking in areas. If you go for render it may avoid this issue but then rendering itself have issues like crack, paint after few years etc.

  6. Can you send me an email on the upgrade cost you've had? We had our tender appointment last week and we feel like some of the items are a little bit expensive (ex upgrade of dining window to stacker doors, door upgrades, windows upgrade on the first floor etc...) It will be good to see the price difference so we can justify each upgrade cost.

  7. Sorry for belated reply, below are the link of upgrade costs